After seeing this footage of Sky last month, we got in touch with her and sent over some questions for Dad to ask so we could get to know her a little better… Watch our interview below to find out Sky’s favourite things, and what she wants to be when she grows up, with someContinue reading “SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH 6YR OLD RIPPER SKY”

Skater Bio : Rianne Evans

We’re proper into Autumn now – the nights are drawing in and it’s getting trickier to find dry spots to skate. No worries! Here’s another skater bio for you to enjoy. This week I’ve been speaking to 21-year old Rianne Evans, who I only noticed ripping it up this summer but has had mad skillsContinue reading “Skater Bio : Rianne Evans”

Skater Bio : Carla Calero

If you’ve been to any of the skate events from this year, you’ll definitely have seen Carla ripping it up big time, with a look of friendly composure on her face and her impressive thigh tattoos out. I first met Carla properly at the Brighton event for Go Skate Day and was well impressed withContinue reading “Skater Bio : Carla Calero”

Skater Bio : Wings Chan

We first met Wings around 2008 whilst coaching skate lessons at our local indoor park, she wore weird clothes, had crazy hair, a huge smile and a secret tattoo that you wasn’t allowed to tell Mummy Chan about. 6 years on and not much has changed, except maybe a few more scribbles on her legsContinue reading “Skater Bio : Wings Chan”

Selfridges x HTC Park opening March 27th

“So, as the free spirit of board culture grips fashion for spring 2014, Selfridges and Dazed have joined forces to present ‘Board Games’, a skate and surf magazine celebrating the landmark retailer’s Board Games takeover.” – Dazed Digital. From the 27th of March, HTC One are taking over the old Selfridges hotel and turning itContinue reading “Selfridges x HTC Park opening March 27th”