Selfridges x HTC Park opening March 27th

“So, as the free spirit of board culture grips fashion for spring 2014, Selfridges and Dazed have joined forces to present ‘Board Games’, a skate and surf magazine celebrating the landmark retailer’s Board Games takeover.” – Dazed Digital.

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From the 27th of March, HTC One are taking over the old Selfridges hotel and turning it into a Skate Park to mark the launch of their new phone. The pop-up skate park is FREE and open to one and all. Take a look at the Trailer here...

In the Selfridges store for the next 6-weeks you’ll find The Board Room containing 1000 world-exclusive skateboards, including 50 very limited editions from the world’s biggest brands. (Although PLEASE don’t buy this overpriced trash, go support your local skater owned shop instead; like Skate Pharmacy, Lost Art & Note to name just a few!!!)

However, if you would like to take advantage of their FREE skatepark, (that is supposed to mimic infamous London skate spots) head down from Thursday 27th March at Old Selfridges Hotel, 1 Orchard Street, London, W1H 6HQ

(I’m sure you all saw the Selfridges article on ‘Fashionable’ skate decks a few weeks ago? If you missed it, click here)

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UK’s own Lucy Adams has sat down for a chat with Amber Gordon of the ‘Imagine Fashion’ website, on how womens skateboarding has come along in the past 5 years, her favourite cities to skate and who her style icons are!

INTERVIEWNEWOPENERSELFRIDGES-2“For me, skateboarding comes out in most things I do. It influences my music choices, it determines what I wear and most importantly it makes up part of my day every day. Whether that means I’m actually skateboarding, or simply watching skateboard vids or reading skateboard forums/websites/magazines, it definitely consumes a considerable part of my daily life! I’m always thinking about possibilities within skateboarding and always hoping for it to be dry outside so I can go and skate.”

You can read the full interview here, we’d love to know what you guys think of these big, soulless brands jumping on the bandwagon of what we’ve known to be cool for years…!?


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