Ko Hyojoo X Strathberry

STRATHBERRY X HYOJOO This May, Strathberry are excited to announce the launch of an exclusive capsule collection in collaboration with Korean ‘dancing’ skater Ko Hyojoo. Strathberry initially spotted the talented skateboarder on social media and was instantly inspired by her graceful and mesmerising longboard dance. Ko Hyojoo (@hyo_joo) started skating in 2014 and now countsContinue reading “Ko Hyojoo X Strathberry”

Has the Fashion industry changed skateboarding?

Stefs latest article on how she believes fashion has changed skateboarding, and vice versa, has gotten the skate community talking. She argues that skateboarding in mainstream fashion is a good thing… “As a person who loves to participate in sports, I would scathe at being called a ‘Tom Boy’ as a child, I would think,Continue reading “Has the Fashion industry changed skateboarding?”

Savannah teams up with Goodhood to shake up gender stereotypes with GLITTER

Since its inception, Goodhood has always challenged gender stereotypes and shoved the status quo to aside. Tired of content clichés, Goodhood team up with our lass Savannah Stacey Keenan to celebrate a polymorphous and fearless femininity. “We want to show women as polymorphous, fearless yet delicate and not having to conform to pre-conceived ideas ofContinue reading “Savannah teams up with Goodhood to shake up gender stereotypes with GLITTER”

‘REAL GIRLS SKATE CURBS’ boards from Lovenskate are back!

THEY ARE BACK!  ‘REAL GIRLS SKATE CURBS’ decks by Lovenskate are back on the shelves of good skate shops up and down the country – Available in 7.75-8.8″  We’re getting two! http://lovenskateshop.bigcartel.com/product/real-girls-skate-curbs


California based skateboarder Vanessa Torres is the newest member to join Cheapo’s family of Good People. Vanessa is not only a great person with a personality to match, she’s also one of the world’s greatest skateboarders.  In 2003 she won gold at the first ever women’s street competition at the X Games, and has sinceContinue reading “CHEAPOBRAND WELCOMES VANESSA TORESS”