This 8 yr old is the FIRST EVER FEMALE to Land a FS 540!

“It felt good, to finally get it on video, I like the spinning… i’ve been doing it backside since i was 7 so to get it frontside was rad. Can’t wait to get the 720’s!” – Sky, 8yrs. Oh Sky, what a little inspiration and absolute role model to girls and women of ALL agesContinue reading “This 8 yr old is the FIRST EVER FEMALE to Land a FS 540!”

A Silly Afternoon with Sky

Remember 6 yr old Sky who we covered a while ago? Following on from our interview with her last month, Sky got a package from Silly girl Skateboards and filmed the afternoon session. You can also enjoy a cameo from her 3yr old brother… It seems that Sky isn’t the only child prodigy in theContinue reading “A Silly Afternoon with Sky”


After seeing this footage of Sky last month, we got in touch with her and sent over some questions for Dad to ask so we could get to know her a little better… Watch our interview below to find out Sky’s favourite things, and what she wants to be when she grows up, with someContinue reading “SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH 6YR OLD RIPPER SKY”