How a Women’s Skateboard Retreat Helped me Claim my Space in Skateboarding

KICK, PUSH, COAST: Years wasted avoiding skateboarding until I found a place in the woods that felt safe and inclusive.  Words by Heather Loweena, a Sex Educator, Lomilomi practitioner and guest at last years retreat at The Skate Retreat in Norfolk. I’m not sure when I first felt drawn to skateboarding but I know thatContinue reading “How a Women’s Skateboard Retreat Helped me Claim my Space in Skateboarding”

Menstrual Magic; How your period could boost your skating

For the first time, there will be full gender parity in terms of athlete numbers at the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Yet, research studies on sports performance factors still mostly include male participants; females represent only 35% of the athletes studied. The frequent non-inclusion of female athletes in research studies is largely due to theContinue reading “Menstrual Magic; How your period could boost your skating”

‘Drafts’ Vol 1 – A Street Skate Edit by Hilda Quick

Well, it’s been a good couple of years since we’ve seen a true street/DIY skate edit crafted from the hands of a female! Filmed and edited by Leeds based skateboarder and The Skate Retreat photographer, Hilda Quick, this is Volume 1 in her aptly named miniseries ‘Drafts’ – a title referring to Hildas first stepContinue reading “‘Drafts’ Vol 1 – A Street Skate Edit by Hilda Quick”

#SKATEWITHPRIDE – How LGBTQIA+ Visibility Helps Skateboarding Grow

In skating I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen or heard our fair share of something that goes like this: ‘it doesn’t matter who you are, just skate’. But the fact is this isn’t necessarily true. While the ‘it doesn’t matter’ attitude can be liberating for some, for others it can feel likeContinue reading “#SKATEWITHPRIDE – How LGBTQIA+ Visibility Helps Skateboarding Grow”