Skater Bio : Wings Chan

We first met Wings around 2008 whilst coaching skate lessons at our local indoor park, she wore weird clothes, had crazy hair, a huge smile and a secret tattoo that you wasn’t allowed to tell Mummy Chan about.
6 years on and not much has changed, except maybe a few more scribbles on her legs and an even bigger fire in her belly. Also after years of wearing knee high socks, she did finally decide to tell her mum about the tattoos!

We love skating with Wings, you can hear her (very) loud laugh from across the park, she says what she thinks, is always the best fun to be around and reminds us to not take skateboarding (or life!) too seriously.

Our newest author Tash interviewed Wings to go alongside her new skate edit, read on to find out more about our Chinese beauty then watch her video below!!

Hi Wings, Please introduce yourself…

I’m Wings Chan, 21yrs old and studying Business Information Systems at the University of Brighton. My home town is in Kent but during term times I live in Brighton!

What do you like to do other than skate?

I love to make Sushi, Play Pokemon, cosplay, watch anime and make things!


When and why did you start skating?

I got introduced to skateboarding at 15 but never really got into it properly till recently. I started to skate because i like to have fun with my friends and enjoy the challenges of skateboarding! I really enjoyed skating with my rad skate girls, Danni introduced me into the girl skate scenes and invited me to the girl skate jams where i then made a bunch of skate friends, all from different cultures!


Why do you still skate now and what’s been your skateboarding journey so far?

I skate now because it’s fun and it always keeps me giggling and smiling skating with friends and meeting new people. It’s also a great exercise! If I didn’t skate I would be very chubby!

I just like to play and have fun so i don’t really have much of a journey other than spending it with my friends and especially skating with the girlies and Altar Skate Shop lot!


What’s your favourite place to skate?

I don’t mind where I skate as long as I am skateboarding with my friends. I go through phases of liking different skateparks, i’ll be into mini and next i’ll be into street, i like to mix it up!

Where would you love to skate in the world?

I would like to skate Japan with a group of friends, because of the culture and I love anime. Pikachu.


What does skateboarding mean for you?

Skateboarding for me is about having fun and enjoying yourself with other people!

And lastly, what’s the best advice you could give to fellow skateboarders?

Smile and Skate!

Watch Wings new skate edit below for lots of laughs and giggles!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 21.18.58Interview by Natasher Beecher
Look out for an author page from Tash soon,
with more skater bios and interviews!

Stoked to have you on the team!


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