Rianne Evans on the cover of Vague Skate Mag

We caught up with Rianne Evans to see how the past year has been for her, and to hear the story behind the ride on 50-50 shot featured on the cover of Vague Skate Mag’s 20th Issue. Let’s first get the introductions out of the way – you’ve been skating now for more than aContinue reading “Rianne Evans on the cover of Vague Skate Mag”

Interview with Lucy Adams – ‘A Metre of Air’.

When Lucy Adams isn’t thinking or dreaming about skateboarding, she’s probably out skating. From ditching swimming lessons to go skate as a kid, being the only girl at UK comps and getting hooked up by her first sponsor Three Sixty Clothing in 2001. To making a proper name for herself on the competition circuit andContinue reading “Interview with Lucy Adams – ‘A Metre of Air’.”


TRANSWORLD interview Meow Skateboards pro rider Lacey Baker on what it was like growing up as a female in a male dominated sport, quitting her day job and the struggle to live off of her contest winnings, most recently Street League 2016. Read the full interview here… “…the difference between men and women—men are justContinue reading “TRANSWORLD LACEY BAKER INTERVIEW”


   “I definitely think it’s important [to help pave the way for future female skaters] in that sense. We have to look out for each other. Dudes aren’t going to look out for us. We need to be kind and welcoming.  I think it’s important to create the platform and be open to the youngstersContinue reading “LACEY BAKER ON THE FUTURE OF WOMENS SKATEBOARDING”

‘Skateboarder and…’ Jenna Selby Interview

In anticipation of the release of ‘ Days Like These’, Episode 07 of Skateboarder and… chats to someone whose influence on skateboarding has been huge. Once named one of Action Sports Most Influential Women by TRANSWORLD, Winner of the UK’s first all female skate comp, photographer, company owner and all around advocate of skateboarding MissContinue reading “‘Skateboarder and…’ Jenna Selby Interview”

A Silly Afternoon with Sky

Remember 6 yr old Sky who we covered a while ago? Following on from our interview with her last month, Sky got a package from Silly girl Skateboards and filmed the afternoon session. You can also enjoy a cameo from her 3yr old brother… It seems that Sky isn’t the only child prodigy in theContinue reading “A Silly Afternoon with Sky”