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Social media can be an intense place, so to combat any distressing feelings or bad vibes, we’ve complied a list of resources, activities, and feel-good stuff as a distraction ♥

Mental Health Resources

Mental health apps
NHS recommended.

Guides, tools and activities Includes ‘5 steps for mental wellbeing’, ’10 stress busters’, breathing exercises, and more.

Looking after yourself Weirdly, this is a leadership course, but it contains short and easily accessible breathing, grounding, and relaxation techniques.

Grounding Cards
PDF for quick access

Sexual Violence Support:


Click here for information and support..

The Survivor’s Trust

A National umbrella service that can refer survivors to local specialist services.


For women and children. Against domestic and sexual abuse.

Calming distractions

These websites might be silly, but sometimes a little distraction can help!


All kinds of livestreams, with plenty of cute animals and soothing landscapes.

100,000 stars

Take a trip through the universe!

A Soft Murmur

Calming ambient sounds.

Great time wasters

Build A Galaxy

A visually satisfying art site that requires minimal effort on your part.


A wholesome little game where you basically create your own A Capella group/song. The graphics are cute and it’s just fun.

Oddly Satisfying

A subreddit of the strangest, most oddly satisfying things ever.

The Useless Web

Takes you to a random website, often with little to no purpose.


This game drops you at a random place on earth, and using only street view, your task is to figure out where you land

Happy Videos

  • The Good News Network does what it says on the tin, check out the positive stuff happening in the world.

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