Can Skateboarding Heal Past Trauma?

Does skateboarding have the ability to heal brains from past trauma? The guys at Push to Heal think so, and we are OBSESSED with their research. Following the neurosequential model from ChildTrauma Academy, the Push To Heal film explores the connections between skateboarding and neuroscience, highlighting skateboarding as an activity that can heal the humanContinue reading “Can Skateboarding Heal Past Trauma?”

How a Women’s Skateboard Retreat Helped me Claim my Space in Skateboarding

KICK, PUSH, COAST: Years wasted avoiding skateboarding until I found a place in the woods that felt safe and inclusive.  Words by Heather Loweena, a Sex Educator, Lomilomi practitioner and guest at last years retreat at The Skate Retreat in Norfolk. I’m not sure when I first felt drawn to skateboarding but I know thatContinue reading “How a Women’s Skateboard Retreat Helped me Claim my Space in Skateboarding”

‘Drafts’ Vol 1 – A Street Skate Edit by Hilda Quick

Well, it’s been a good couple of years since we’ve seen a true street/DIY skate edit crafted from the hands of a female! Filmed and edited by Leeds based skateboarder and The Skate Retreat photographer, Hilda Quick, this is Volume 1 in her aptly named miniseries ‘Drafts’ – a title referring to Hildas first stepContinue reading “‘Drafts’ Vol 1 – A Street Skate Edit by Hilda Quick”

Rianne Evans on the cover of Vague Skate Mag

We caught up with Rianne Evans to see how the past year has been for her, and to hear the story behind the ride on 50-50 shot featured on the cover of Vague Skate Mag’s 20th Issue. Let’s first get the introductions out of the way – you’ve been skating now for more than aContinue reading “Rianne Evans on the cover of Vague Skate Mag”

Celebrating Skater Mums – words of wisdom and the joys of skateboarding

For Mothers day this year, we wanted to celebrate our Skate Mums who are dropping off their kids at the skatepark and picking up a board to skate with them. Mothers are the backbone of society and the inspiration of future generations (of skaters) – so we asked these wonderful women what skateboarding means toContinue reading “Celebrating Skater Mums – words of wisdom and the joys of skateboarding”

Helena Long Goes Pro! (Again!)

Congratulations to our long time friend, Helena Long who just recently turned pro for Poetic a collective – a skateboard brand based out of Malmö, Sweden. Helena has smashed it this year, with video parts in Poetic Collective’s ‘Fluid’, alongside Vans ‘Credits’ and she also made Front cover for Grey Skateboard Magazine, the first UKContinue reading “Helena Long Goes Pro! (Again!)”