How a Women’s Skateboard Retreat Helped me Claim my Space in Skateboarding

KICK, PUSH, COAST: Years wasted avoiding skateboarding until I found a place in the woods that felt safe and inclusive.  Words by Heather Loweena, a Sex Educator, Lomilomi practitioner and guest at last years retreat at The Skate Retreat in Norfolk. I’m not sure when I first felt drawn to skateboarding but I know thatContinue reading “How a Women’s Skateboard Retreat Helped me Claim my Space in Skateboarding”

Diary Of A First Time Skate Competitor

This is what it’s like to enter a skate competition for the first time… Written by Jazz Gordon I attended the Skateboard GB National Championships on the 11th April 2021 at Graystone Sports Centre in Manchester. This was my first experience of a skate competition, having only skated for a year and a half. IContinue reading “Diary Of A First Time Skate Competitor”

We spoke to industry insiders on their hopes for skateboarding in 2022

We thought we’d catch up with a bunch of our knowledgeable and influential friends within the skateboard industry on their hopes and aspirations for the womens skate scene for 2022, from professional skateboarders, business owners and an Olympic team manager – scroll on down to see what our insiders had to say! HELENA LONG InContinue reading “We spoke to industry insiders on their hopes for skateboarding in 2022”

An Interview with Skater Uktis

Redefining the sesh through a spiritual sisiterhood designed to foster self-development and leadership skills, Skater Uktis are challenging the status quo in skateboarding. Ukti, or Ukhti, meaning ‘my sister’ in Arabic, perfectly describes the unique nature of the all-female Muslim crew originating in London, and now operating in 13+ countries where the goal is toContinue reading “An Interview with Skater Uktis”

Wren: Experiences of a Trans Skateboarder

Words by Wren My name is Wren and I’m a trans skater. I’d skated for around 10 years before I came out. When I did, not only did half of my friends disown me, but I also started receiving abuse online from them and also from total strangers too. It got so bad I ended upContinue reading “Wren: Experiences of a Trans Skateboarder”

In Womxn We Trust

‘In Womxn We Trust’ is an underground music show that aims to highlight womxn in creative industries. This PRIDE month Drum & Bass DJ, Amy B interviewed Cassie and Amelia, two skateboarders from the LGBTQIA+ community, on Subtle Radio. They shared their experiences on being queer in skateboarding and how they finally found a safeContinue reading “In Womxn We Trust”