The Community Fund

We think more could be done to support our skate communities at grass roots level.

We are stoked to announce The Girl Skate UK Community Fund – A project aimed at supporting skateboarders to help grow their local scenes, by offering small grants of up to £200 which they can use to give back to their local communities.

What projects can I run?

Whilst our main goal is to fund projects aimed at growing local scenes, we are happy to hear ideas for any exciting projects you have in mind.
Want to host an event? Organise a crew filming trip or maybe build a DIY spot? Get in touch!

Successful projects have the option of informal mentoring, we can help with ideas, budgeting, marketing, PR, project planning – we’ve done it all and are here to help.

How is it funded?

Our fund will be sustained through quarterly raffles, with ticket sales through our online store. We receive no outside funding and hope you will continue to support these raffles so that we can give back to our local scenes and skateboard communities across the UK!

If you’re a brand or company that can donate product (or cash!) to our fund, then we would love to hear from you over at

How do I apply?

First up you will need to decide on a project and write up a proposed plan of action! How will you use the money? What’s your timeframe? How much help will you need? To make things easier, we’ve written up some handy guidelines with everything you need to get started.

The first round of applications open on January 1st, we have a pot of £600 to give out to successful projects for this quarter. You can apply here.

From day one we have been committed to the growth of the female skate scene here in the UK.

We hope that the Girl Skate UK Community Fund will help more skateboarders to continue our vision to inspire collective action.


Let’s get that skate project started!

Tell us what you would like to do to help nurture, grow or engage your local skateboarding community.

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