It’s all in the name – here at Girl Skate UK, we’re for empowering girls and women to get out there and skate. But there’s been some discussion in the last few days about whether ‘girls-only’ skate sessions are damaging to the normalisation of girls/women in skateboarding. Some have been surprised that one of theirContinue reading “ARE GIRLS’ SKATE SESSIONS BAD FOR SKATEBOARDING?‏”

Leticia Bufoni in ESPN body issue

Three times X Games gold medalist Leticia Bufoni is one of the action sports athletes featured in this year’s Body Issue from ESPN alongside mainstream sports stars. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it as it raises so many question for me.   On the one hand well done to Leticia, after theContinue reading “Leticia Bufoni in ESPN body issue”

Push The Prom + Go Skateboarding Day

It’s true that every day is potentially a skate day (­#skateeverydamnday, anyone?) but the official Go Skateboarding Day only comes around once a year on June 21st. The longest day of the year goes hand in hand with sunshine, the sea and skateboarding. We, and skaters from all over the country made the most ofContinue reading “Push The Prom + Go Skateboarding Day”

I am Woman. I am Skateboarder

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). As well as a grin on my face and aching muscles from Friday’s Girls Night at BaySixty6 (which was totally amazeballs, you should come next time) there’s much on my mind. It’s a day to celebrate the achievements not only of women in sport and skateboarding, but women everywhereContinue reading “I am Woman. I am Skateboarder”

Skater Bio : Rianne Evans

We’re proper into Autumn now – the nights are drawing in and it’s getting trickier to find dry spots to skate. No worries! Here’s another skater bio for you to enjoy. This week I’ve been speaking to 21-year old Rianne Evans, who I only noticed ripping it up this summer but has had mad skillsContinue reading “Skater Bio : Rianne Evans”

Skater Bio : Carla Calero

If you’ve been to any of the skate events from this year, you’ll definitely have seen Carla ripping it up big time, with a look of friendly composure on her face and her impressive thigh tattoos out. I first met Carla properly at the Brighton event for Go Skate Day and was well impressed withContinue reading “Skater Bio : Carla Calero”