Asiplanchaba are celebrating 7 YEARS of documenting their lands lady shredding, and they’ve just released this rad edit: Women Working 2 to coincide with their birthday…  Featuring Ianire Elorriaga, Lisa Jacob, Nayat and Sara Cheikh, Nicoline Egeberg, Alba Navarro, Julia and Andrea Wilshusen, Ainara García, Silvia Serret, Begoña Cortés, Vanessa Toledano, Louisa Menke, Mar BarreraContinue reading “WOMEN WORKING 2!”

Is This The Best Girls Edit of 2015 So Far?!

We can’t stop watching this Animal UK edit of Stef Nurding and Rianne Evans: shredding various parks in Bilbao last summer. It’s making us so excited for the warmer weather, plus both ladies absolute kill it… Two of our favourites for sure! We caught up for Stef for a chat about their trip and what’sContinue reading “Is This The Best Girls Edit of 2015 So Far?!”

Skater Bio : Carla Calero

If you’ve been to any of the skate events from this year, you’ll definitely have seen Carla ripping it up big time, with a look of friendly composure on her face and her impressive thigh tattoos out. I first met Carla properly at the Brighton event for Go Skate Day and was well impressed withContinue reading “Skater Bio : Carla Calero”