We spoke to industry insiders on their hopes for skateboarding in 2022

We thought we’d catch up with a bunch of our knowledgeable and influential friends within the skateboard industry on their hopes and aspirations for the womens skate scene for 2022, from professional skateboarders, business owners and an Olympic team manager – scroll on down to see what our insiders had to say! HELENA LONG InContinue reading “We spoke to industry insiders on their hopes for skateboarding in 2022”

Birthday Jam Mega Montage

366 days it’s been since the last Girl Skate UK skate event – the longest since we came to being in March 2014! We’ve been taking a trip down Memory Lane, going through all of our clips from past parties and jams to edit into a compilation showing all of our ‘best bits’ from yearsContinue reading “Birthday Jam Mega Montage”


It’s GSUK’s 7th birthday (wahoo!), which should mean skating, good vibes, and most importantly: cake. In past years GSUK have hosted a fair share of bumper birthday bashes, with giveaways, raffles, and competitions at indoor parks around the country, including Flo and Broom skateparks in Nottingham and Leicester. But sadly, in light of the pandemicContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GSUK!”

Announcing Our New Media Team!

I am so unbelievably stoked to announce our shiny new media team! For the past 7 years I have managed all aspects of running Girl Skate UK, from the website and social platforms to the merch design and events – with the help of my more sociable wingwoman and nollie flip extraordinaire, Kirsty Tonner. WithContinue reading “Announcing Our New Media Team!”

Helena Long Goes Pro! (Again!)

Congratulations to our long time friend, Helena Long who just recently turned pro for Poetic a collective – a skateboard brand based out of Malmö, Sweden. Helena has smashed it this year, with video parts in Poetic Collective’s ‘Fluid’, alongside Vans ‘Credits’ and she also made Front cover for Grey Skateboard Magazine, the first UKContinue reading “Helena Long Goes Pro! (Again!)”