‘Drafts’ Vol 1 – A Street Skate Edit by Hilda Quick

Well, it’s been a good couple of years since we’ve seen a true street/DIY skate edit crafted from the hands of a female! Filmed and edited by Leeds based skateboarder and The Skate Retreat photographer, Hilda Quick, this is Volume 1 in her aptly named miniseries ‘Drafts’ – a title referring to Hildas first step into world of skateboard filming.

We think Hildas done a RAD job on her first episode, and one thing that really stood out is the equal men:women ratio – something we just don’t see enough in videos.
Female filmers too, in this country at least, are a rarity, and this is something we are looking to change as part of our 2022 accessibility campaign.

If you’re interested in learning how to film, do keep an eye on our socials in the coming months for news on lessons and workshops, but until then please enjoy 5 minutes of skateboarding featuring: Jay Bex, Kizzy Yuill, Steff Norton, Connie Gascoyne, Dale Starkie, Izzy Almond, Jacob Sarkar, Marcus McNiff, Abi Townend-Smith, Jasmine Lowe, Elsie Aimes, Harry Townend, Rhamsi Alkadi and Joe Winters.

Well done, Hilda, we just know that ‘Drafts’ will inspire other women to pick up a camera, grab some mates and head out into the streets – and that itself is a magical thing! We will be keeping our eyes peeled for Volume 2…


Published by Danni

Founder of Girl Skate UK and The Skate Retreat. @danniglover 🌸🌿🛹

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