GSUK nominated for National Diversity Award 2021

Click here to vote for Girl Skate UK Girl Skate UK has been nominated for the Community Organisation award at the National Diversity Award 2021s. This award recognises individuals and groups from grass roots communities who have contributed to creating a more diverse and inclusive society. As a grassroots organisation committed to making the skateboardingContinue reading “GSUK nominated for National Diversity Award 2021”

Rianne Evans on the cover of Vague Skate Mag

We caught up with Rianne Evans to see how the past year has been for her, and to hear the story behind the ride on 50-50 shot featured on the cover of Vague Skate Mag’s 20th Issue. Let’s first get the introductions out of the way – you’ve been skating now for more than aContinue reading “Rianne Evans on the cover of Vague Skate Mag”

Celebrating Skater Mums – words of wisdom and the joys of skateboarding

For Mothers day this year, we wanted to celebrate our Skate Mums who are dropping off their kids at the skatepark and picking up a board to skate with them. Mothers are the backbone of society and the inspiration of future generations (of skaters) – so we asked these wonderful women what skateboarding means toContinue reading “Celebrating Skater Mums – words of wisdom and the joys of skateboarding”

Maité Steenhoudt’s “From Broski 2 Proski”

Maité’s “From Broski 2 Proski” gets super funky – with her and her “GGs” bringing charisma, creativity and youthful energy across Europe and the UK in this joy-filled first pro part. Full of skits, sick tricks and sunny day nostalgia, this is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.