Beautiful Photos of Skater Girls from the 1970’s

We are absolutely loving these stylish photos of female shredders from the 1970’s ‘Golden Era’ of skateboarding. Skaters include Laura Thornhill, Kim Cespedes, Ellen O Neal, Patti Mcgee & Vicky Vickers. These girls just ooze cool.

If you were a skater way back when and have any photos, videos or news clippings that you’d like to share with us, then shoot us an e-mail to, we would LOVE to hear from you!

70s girl skater vert slash 1970girl 1970kimc 1970laurathornhill 1970laurathornhill1 1970laurathornhill2 1970laurathornhill4 1970Onil 1970Onill 1970pattimc 1970vickyvickrsPhotos courtesy of Jim Goodrich, James O’Mahoney & Laura Thornhill.
Unfortunately we weren’t able to credit all of the photographers, but if you know who took these then please let us know so we can! 


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