Can Skateboarding Heal Past Trauma?

Does skateboarding have the ability to heal brains from past trauma? The guys at Push to Heal think so, and we are OBSESSED with their research.

Skateboarding has a positive effect on mental health

Following the neurosequential model from ChildTrauma Academy, the Push To Heal film explores the connections between skateboarding and neuroscience, highlighting skateboarding as an activity that can heal the human brain from past trauma, whilst contributing to not only our capacity for learning new skills, but also for coping with stress whilst also helping to improve our social cognition.

“Skateboarding is full of healthy sensory stimuli – everything from vibrations through your feet to the specific sound the pop of the tail or each grind and slide makes”

Joel Pippus – ‘Push to Heal’ project, Hull Services
Neurosequential Model from Dr Bruce Perry

Do you have an experience of skateboarding helping to heal you? We’d love to hear it! Feel free to email us if you’d rather stay anonymous, talk to us at ❤


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