Eloise Dörr

Over the last 5 years London based artist Eloise Dorr has created and developed a species of skateboarding, blob-like characters. Alongside these blobs she has been creating a universe for them to inhabit. A universe which revolves around playfulness, innocence and simplicity. The exhibition ‘Alphabet Soup’ in LA at the beginning of March, will beContinue reading “Eloise Dörr”

“Crack on Wheels”: Barbara Odanaka – ‘Skateboard Moms & Sisters of Shred’

I’ve always been fascinated with California; it’s a place that seems to be at the centre of so much cultural history that I’ve found myself drawn to, and it’s an important part of skateboarding’s history and development. In December I found myself preparing for a solo trip to LA over Christmas and I thought itContinue reading ““Crack on Wheels”: Barbara Odanaka – ‘Skateboard Moms & Sisters of Shred’”

It’s not everyday you see yourself on a billboard in LA…

So, you’re on holiday… You’ve treated yourself to a well deserved break in LA and are taking an evening stroll along the boulevard when you look up and see yourself on the side of a MASSIVE building.     Plymouth based Animal UK rider Stefani Nurding filmed an advert with T-Mobile a while ago… but didn’tContinue reading “It’s not everyday you see yourself on a billboard in LA…”