Eloise Dörr

Over the last 5 years London based artist Eloise Dorr has created and developed a species of skateboarding, blob-like characters.

Alongside these blobs she has been creating a universe for them to inhabit.

A universe which revolves around playfulness, innocence and simplicity.

The exhibition ‘Alphabet Soup’ in LA at the beginning of March, will be an introduction to this microcosm, using an array of styles, shapes, bright acrylic paint and plywood. An ‘Alphabet Soup’ of an exhibition for the viewers to explore and get lost in!

We caught up with our friend Eloise to get the low down on how she goes about creating her work…

So Miss Dörr, Could you tell us your favourite medium to work in?

The medium I use the most is acrylic on plywood, but I love so many mediums I can’t pick a favourite! The pencil can never let ya down haha!

Where do you like to work? And what kind of time do you like to settle down at your desk? Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I’m definitely a morning/day person, my brain is dead in the evenings so I always like painting when the sun is up!

My favourite place to work is definitely my little studio in Peckham! That’s my real home! 

Tell us a bit about the opportunities your artwork has given you, we know you’ve got to do a bit of traveling and have had some very exciting collabs?

I’m very thankful and happy for all the places and opportunities my work has taken me! Doing shows in Berlin and Vienna was amazing! And I am so so so looking forward to my show in LA! Favourite collabs are probably Meow and Vans, they made my life!! 

What you do when you’re not painting?

When I’m not painting I like to skate, play piano when I can, swim from time to time, or I’ll be thinking about painting and skating. Those 2 things dominate 89% of my brain space haha! I also love eating and cooking.

And lastly, what’s your favourite skate spot!?

Favourite skatespot is a hard one, but I went to mudchute skate park for the first time today and I bloody loved it! It’s a bit of an odd place but it’s sick haha

Thanks Eloise!

You can see more of Eloise’s artwork on her website, why not treat yourself to a painted deck or three?!


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