Women in Skateboarding – Past and Present

Research into skateboarding is on the increase, as people are becoming more interested in what we do, how we shape local cultures and how we construct our identities. There is also a growing network of skateboarders who have entered the world of academia themselves, in a broad range of different fields, and who often find themselvesContinue reading “Women in Skateboarding – Past and Present”

“Crack on Wheels”: Barbara Odanaka – ‘Skateboard Moms & Sisters of Shred’

I’ve always been fascinated with California; it’s a place that seems to be at the centre of so much cultural history that I’ve found myself drawn to, and it’s an important part of skateboarding’s history and development. In December I found myself preparing for a solo trip to LA over Christmas and I thought itContinue reading ““Crack on Wheels”: Barbara Odanaka – ‘Skateboard Moms & Sisters of Shred’”

Girl Skate Classes Begin in Palestine

It’s been a long and busy week for SkatePAL in Asira Al-Shamalyia, Palestine. We’ve been working hard to finish the skatepark for the opening in a few days. There are 15 of us working on it and everyone has become better and faster at all the different elements of the build. We’ve been working someContinue reading “Girl Skate Classes Begin in Palestine”

SkatePAL and girl skating in Palestine

Last week I jetted out to Israel to work with SkatePAL, a charity who for the last three years have been building skateparks and teaching children to skateboard in the Palestinian Territories. Charlie Davis, a skateboarder from Edinburgh, set up the charity. He was teaching English in Palestine and would go out on his boardContinue reading “SkatePAL and girl skating in Palestine”

The Weekend in the City 2015 Girl’s Edit

For one weekend each year teams of skateboarders take to the streets and skateparks of Greater Manchester to film footage for a five minute skate film that has to be submitted one week later.  It’s quite a challenge to get your team organised, to perform for the camera and then – if you’re me –Continue reading “The Weekend in the City 2015 Girl’s Edit”