Georgie Winter Rogue Pro Board

How sweet is this one off pro board for Georgie Winter that she was presented by Jenna Selby of Rogue Skateboards in celebration of her wedding last week?! It was illustrated by the super talented Eloise Dörr and featured Georgie’s signature trick – the pogo! If you’re unfamiliar with Georgie, Jenna and the Rogue SkateboardsContinue reading “Georgie Winter Rogue Pro Board”

Eloise Dörr

Over the last 5 years London based artist Eloise Dorr has created and developed a species of skateboarding, blob-like characters. Alongside these blobs she has been creating a universe for them to inhabit. A universe which revolves around playfulness, innocence and simplicity. The exhibition ‘Alphabet Soup’ in LA at the beginning of March, will beContinue reading “Eloise Dörr”

Eloise Dörr “3rd St” Solo Exhibition 

“3rd St” is a solo exhibition by Eloise Dörr, exhibiting paintings she has completed throughout the year inspired by her trip to San Francisco in 2013.   Eloise’s work consists of small silhouette characters skateboarding and falling over in various colourful environments. The idea behind this is to create a microcosm of pure innocence. A selectionContinue reading “Eloise Dörr “3rd St” Solo Exhibition “

FELLOWSHIP: A Female Skate Photography Exhibition

We have been working on this little project ALL summer and are stoked to finally announce the launch party of FELLOWSHIP; a photography exhibition highlighting the togetherness and community spirit of Skateboarding, captured through the lenses of some pretty inspiring girls. We gathered up a few of our favourite female skate photographers, as well asContinue reading “FELLOWSHIP: A Female Skate Photography Exhibition”


We can NOT wait for this upcoming art exhibition in Berlin next week. A collaboration photographer Tracy Gray and artist Eloise Dörr, exploring the relationship between architecture and play.  Long time friends of Tracy and big fans of Eloise, we couldn’t be more excited to be flying over to support  them.  Big up to theContinue reading “623 EXHIBITION: ELOISE DÖRR & TRACY GRAY”