It’s not everyday you see yourself on a billboard in LA…

So, you’re on holiday… You’ve treated yourself to a well deserved break in LA and are taking an evening stroll along the boulevard when you look up and see yourself on the side of a MASSIVE building. 

Plymouth based Animal UK rider Stefani Nurding filmed an advert with T-Mobile a while ago… but didn’t actually know what the finished product would be used for. We caught up with Stef to ask her opinions of companies using real athletes in their adverts…

“I think it is great if brands do use people that skate instead of models because I skate and I’d rather they use me or my friends instead of a model…

(laughs) … No but seriously.. I think its great to show actual skaters especially when it is a girl, mainly because its not something younger girls get to see a lot of in mainsteam media so if it is presented in the right way it might actually inspire them to try it out for themselves. 

It is nice to see when being overly sexualized or ‘pretty’ isn’t the main focus of the image but actually the movement and the activity.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Keep up to date on what Stef gets up to by following her blog, Concrete Chamelion


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