Eloise Dörr

Over the last 5 years London based artist Eloise Dorr has created and developed a species of skateboarding, blob-like characters. Alongside these blobs she has been creating a universe for them to inhabit. A universe which revolves around playfulness, innocence and simplicity. The exhibition ‘Alphabet Soup’ in LA at the beginning of March, will beContinue reading “Eloise Dörr”


View this post on Instagram A post shared by GIRLSKATEUK.COM (@girlskateuk) “Two weeks ago I got two DM’s, one from Sarah Meurle and a little later one from Josie Millard “I am coming to Berlin with (insert the others name.), want to hang out?”. I did want to hang out, it would be cool seeingContinue reading “BERLIN GIRL SKATE SCENE, FEAT. JOSIE MILLARD & SARAH MEURLE”


London skater Amy Ram has had an interview with Sidewalk on what she gets up to in day to day life, as well as  traveling the world, her work with SkatePal and recent filming trips with Callun Loomes for Get Lesta. “You can smash your knees so hard on concrete, take five minutes out andContinue reading “SIDEWALK INTERVIEW: AMY RAM”

NASS interview with Georgie Winter

Following on from our interview with Rianne Evans, next up we have Georgie Winter. Georgie hailing from Hitchin, near Luton, has been on the scene for a while now, and is pretty O.G to say the least. Georgie was also a constant in Jenna Selby’s Rogue Skateboards team, and starred in the UK’s first everContinue reading “NASS interview with Georgie Winter”

NASS interview with Rianne Evans

With NASS just around the corner (6-9 July) we caught up with a few of the girls who will be competing for a part of this years prize purse. First up we’ve got Bournemouth turned Brighton tranny master, Rianne Evans.  Photo @peterpickford Kirsty: So, Rianne have you skated In the Nass comp before, if soContinue reading “NASS interview with Rianne Evans”


You’ve joined a team with some of the best skateboarders in history. Why Nike?  After I won the SLS Super Crown World Championship in L.A. last fall, I started exploring possible shoe brands. Nike SB is ultimately where I felt most at home. That team is tight. Now you’ll be traveling and filming and demo-ingContinue reading “NIKE SB WELCOMES LACEY BAKER”