NASS interview with Rianne Evans

With NASS just around the corner (6-9 July) we caught up with a few of the girls who will be competing for a part of this years prize purse. First up we’ve got Bournemouth turned Brighton tranny master, Rianne Evans. 

Photo @peterpickford

Kirsty: So, Rianne have you skated In the Nass comp before, if so how was it? 

Rianne: Yeah I’ve skated in the Nass comp a few years ago but for the past few years it hasn’t been running, most probably because the woman that run it got fed up with how we were treated. The girls comp was always the last competition of the day at a ridiculous time when no one wanted to watch let alone be competing and to top it off it would be always get delayed by a few hours because of the other competitions running over schedule. One year my run was past midnight, that’s not really on, us girls want time to enjoy the festival and party too yet we might have to miss an artist we want to see to compete. 

K: The course isn’t released yet, any obstacles you’re hoping to see? 

R: The course is always nuts to be honest and that’s the way it should be in order to accommodate for everyone bmx, inline, scoot, skate! I’m just hoping there’s atleast one obstacle I can skate maybe a nice quarter that’s not too gigantic or a nice flat bank hip I would be happy with

K: How did the recent Polar hook up come about?

R: Pontus (Alv) was wandering where I got all my polar gear from because I wear their clothes and ride their boards. When he found out most of it was presents from my boyfriend for xmas and birthdays he wondered if I would be happy with a few bits sent out which of course I was over the moon about because they’re my favourite brand ever! So cheers for that package Pontus mate.

K: Any DJs/Artists on the line up you want to see?

R: I’ve only actually just looked at the line up, but wanna see High Contrast and Sub Focus for sure. 

K:  Finally, any plans for when you’re not skating at the festival?

R: When I’m not skating you’ll probs see me kicking back with a beer or stuffing my face at the food vans haha. 

Tickets are still available if you would like to come check out the Girl Skate UK x NASS competition, along with the rest of the Skateboarding & BMX competitions plus a whole load of big name Drum & Bass, House, Hip-Hop and Grime artists across several stages on the weekend. Head over to NASS for more info. 

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