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Southbank Minute Series – Episode 2: ‘Step Into A World’ from Jenna Selby

Southbank Minute Series – Episode 2: ‘Step Into A World’ from Jenna Selby with across-the-decades footage featuring Savannah Keenan, Lucy Adams, Anita Almonte, Helena Long, Georgie Winter, Rachael Sherlock @rachael_sherlock, Zoe Kings, Sadie Hollins, Maria Falbo, Laura Goh and general SB ambience. Jenna’s story:  “My favourite Southbank moment was in 1999 when my friend DeeContinue reading “Southbank Minute Series – Episode 2: ‘Step Into A World’ from Jenna Selby”

Lacey Baker, Thrasher Interview

A few weeks ago Lacey Baker released her part “My World” in collaboration with Thrasher Magazine. It was arguably one of the best female parts ever released and and gathered over 16000 likes on Facebook, with the average like count for Thrasher never really pushing 5000. The part oozed technical ability and had the steezeContinue reading “Lacey Baker, Thrasher Interview”


ISSUE TWO OF XEM SKATERS GENDERQUEER SKATE ZINE #2 IS AVAILABLE NOW! WHAT IS XEM SKATERS? Xem Skaters is a genderqueer skate zine by French Skateboarder, Marie Dabbadie. The zine aims to give space to all genders in a binary environment by giving visibility to non­-binary, queer, trans skaters, to introduce gender notions and knowledgeContinue reading “XEM SKATERS GENDERQUEER SKATE ZINE #2 IS OUT! “

Like A Girl Documentary Fundraiser

There is a exciting documentary documentary being made in London about female skateboarding. The documentary focuses on Kellesse a 9-year-old skateboarder who runs her own skate company and teaches skateboarding to those willing to learn. The skateboarding is an inspiration documentary that shows skateboarding is for girls, motivating the younger generation. “My Company, Like A Girl®Continue reading “Like A Girl Documentary Fundraiser”

Women in Skateboarding – Past and Present

Research into skateboarding is on the increase, as people are becoming more interested in what we do, how we shape local cultures and how we construct our identities. There is also a growing network of skateboarders who have entered the world of academia themselves, in a broad range of different fields, and who often find themselvesContinue reading “Women in Skateboarding – Past and Present”