Is This The Best Girls Edit of 2015 So Far?!

We can’t stop watching this Animal UK edit of Stef Nurding and Rianne Evans: shredding various parks in Bilbao last summer.

It’s making us so excited for the warmer weather, plus both ladies absolute kill it… Two of our favourites for sure!

We caught up for Stef for a chat about their trip and what’s in store for the summer!

Hello girls! Hope you’re well, just saw your Animal edit… absolutely loved it, full of great skating, different spots and cute outfits. We want to know more about it…so how long did you go for?

Hey! We went for 3 days in total in November last year!! It was an Animal trip to shoot their SS15 look book.

Arhhh great, that’s a good amount of footage for three days, the edit was really cute and colourful! So what was your favourite part about the trip?

Well the whole trip was lol’s can’t really pick one thing 😊, I took a pretty harsh slam in the pool I think there is a funny clip of it on instagram…

Arhhh I remember seeing the clip – too funny! Hope you didn’t get hurt though. Have you got any more trips planned?

Yeah we’re going to be heading to Barcelona, LA, Italy and hopefully a lot more places 😊 All of which I will be posting about on my new blog ‘The Concrete Chameleon’

Great! Can’t wait to see the footage! The outfits in the video were awesome, what was your favourite? and out of the whole edit was what your favourite skate spot?

The cutest animal stuff at the moment are the dip dyed vests and goodies – I think me and Rianne both have those. The best spot from the trip is probably LA Kantera because of its amazing beach location and quirky obstacles.

Great! Well thanks a lot.. Well done on the edit can’t wait to see more from you girls this year!! Bring on summer!

Love Shelldogg

Pictures stolen from Animals Instagram!







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