We can NOT wait for this upcoming art exhibition in Berlin next week. A collaboration photographer Tracy Gray and artist Eloise Dörr, exploring the relationship between architecture and play.  Long time friends of Tracy and big fans of Eloise, we couldn’t be more excited to be flying over to support  them.  Big up to theContinue reading “623 EXHIBITION: ELOISE DÖRR & TRACY GRAY”

Leftovers Exhibition by Eloise Dorr

Leftovers is a solo exhibition by Eloise Dörr showcasing a brightly coloured collection of hand painted broken skateboards. Painted on the boards are small silhouette characters relishing in the innocence and amusements of skateboarding, spending a lot of their time falling over. The idea behind the show is simply for the audience to enjoy theContinue reading “Leftovers Exhibition by Eloise Dorr”