We can NOT wait for this upcoming art exhibition in Berlin next week. A collaboration photographer Tracy Gray and artist Eloise Dörr, exploring the relationship between architecture and play. 

Long time friends of Tracy and big fans of Eloise, we couldn’t be more excited to be flying over to support  them. 

Big up to the ladies doing it for themselves! 


‘623’ is a collaborative exhibition by London-based artists Tracy Gray and Eloise Dörr. The work in the show is analogue photography of (predominantly) Brutalist architecture shot by Gray, which is then embellished with ink and acrylic paint by Dörr. 

The scenes captured portray strong, geometric shapes that make the perfect playground for Dörr’s skateboarding silhouette characters. Both artists have an interest in skateboarding, and the locations depicted are perfect for it.

 In many of these locations skateboarding is prohibited, and in this exhibition the artists have artificially created a world in which it is unrestricted and free.

‘623’ came about from a mutual appreciation of each other’s work after they both had solo exhibitions at Parlour Skate Store in Shoreditch, London. 

The two styles, although differing dramatically in their artistic approach, compliment each other effortlessly; like 6 and two 3s.    

 Accompanying the exhibition will be the ‘623′ zine; that contains unseen drawings and photos, as well as some work that will be on show on the night. 

The exhibition launch night is on Wednesday 20/01/16 from 19:00 at Jungbusch, Weserstraße 16, Neukölln, 12047 Berlin, Germany.


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