Interview with Zoe Kings

Congratulations on joining the Rogue team Zoe from us at Girl Skate UK, last time we saw you was at the Sidewalk X Unicorn Girl skate Jam at Mile end, hope you’re well and with a new sponsor on board, we can see you’ve been shredding!
ZOE No-Comply
We want to hear more about you so lets start with your age, where are you originally from and how long have you been skating?

Hi, okay so I’m 20 years old, and have been skating about 5 years and from Birmingham.

What would be your favourite skatepark/skate spot and why ?

‘Radlands’ because its just sick and for someone who isn’t big into transition its just perfect for skating. Not sure about street spots, I haven’t skated much street since there are no spots where I live so I couldn’t really say, keen to find some though.

zoe Front-Board

Who is your favourite skateboarder, and why?!

Moose because he has stupid amounts of steeze and all these huge and tech tricks that he makes look super chill. But then theres Bryan Herman, Furby, Rodrigo TX, Stevie Williams, Alex Mizurov…

What would be your chosen set up?

I like an 8.1 board, low thunder lights, 52mm bones STFs, bones reds or diamond hella fast bearings, always keen for a graphic griptape as well.


A controversial one… do you listen to music when you skate?!

Only when im travelling, I have it in the back of my head that I will fall and break my ipod or it will fly out my pocket and break etc etc

So, How did the Rogue sponsor come about?

I’m not really sure haha I’ve known Jenna for a few years now and being friends with Georgie and Dora I guess it all fits. She just popped up and asked me one day which was pretty sweet


Any other hookups?

Yeah I’m also on board with Rokeo.

Have you got any trips planned for the up coming year?

Not that I know of really…I have a few friends out in Barcelona though so it would be cool to get out there again for a few weeks.

What do you think of the up and coming girl scene?

I think its great, of course. So good to see loads more getting into it, especially the super young ones. I think there’s a lot more support from the male side now aswell which I think encourages more girls to do it.

Well thanks for the chat Zoe, Congratulations again!
RAD welcome edit, we hope to skate with you again soon!!

Watch Zoe’s Rogue welcome edit below!

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 10.51.44

Interview by Shelley-Georgia Yates
Follow them both on instagram: @shellllllldogg @zozokin


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