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Want to help us grow the womxn’s skate scene?

Wanna work with us?

We are looking for a shiny new team to help create content for our website and YouTube channel!
Are you a creative looking for an outlet that reaches thousands of people each and every week? Have you got a few hours to spare per month? And most of all, are you passionate about the female skateboarding community?!

We have opened up several volunteer positions within our organisation and are looking for the right people to join us. In return, you will be in the loop and first to know about all inside GSUK projects and plans, you’ll get free entry to all of our official jams and events, have your own discount code to the online store, AND receive a gift from us on your birthday!

If you want to play an active and important part in the growth of the UK’s largest womxn’s skateboarding community, then we would LOVE to hear from you. Take a look at a few of our available positions and fill in the form at the bottom of the page if you’d like to join the Girl Skate UK team!

We are looking for….

Digital Content Creator

Who? Multi skilled Content Creator with experience designing, creating and publishing images and video.

What? Provide dynamic, engaging and creative content using a wide range of tools, alongside other visual content for social channels.


Who? Skilled at writing, editing, proofreading, time-management and organisation to deliver articles on time. 

What? Write unique copy for blog posts, product reviews, website information pages and email marketing campaigns.


Who? Aspiring journalist interested in people, places, the history of skateboarding and it’s future.

What? Conducting interviews and research, liasing with the rest of the creative team to produce informative articles and video content.

YouTube Video Creator

Who? Experience in video creation, from filming and editing to graphics. Story teller with examples of past work.

What? Create online video content with title graphics and captivating thumbnails for our YouTube channel and our partners.


Who? Storytellers with good communication skills. Beginners, veterans, parents of skateboarders – this is for anyone with something to say!

What? Provide content in the form of stories or diary entries about general skate life. Liaise with our Writers to create engaging blog posts.

TikTok Social Media Manager

Who? Enthusiastic, organised and regular TikTok user to create and manage a brand new area of the Girl Skate UK social channels.

What? Work with our Content Creators to create video content to engage viewers and grow the channel. Replying to DMs and forwarding enquiries to our main email addresses.


Who? Storytellers with good communication skills and comfortable speaking to a camera. Beginners, veterans, parents of skateboarders, etc.

What? Provide content in the form of stories or diary entries about general skate life. Liaise with Content Creators to create engaging YouTube or IGTV videos.

TikTok Video Content Creator

Who? We’re giving a handful of aspiring content creators the opportunity to join our new social media team to make fun video content.

What? Work with Social Media Manager to create fun and informative content focused on skateboarding, trick tips, skate hacks, and our welcoming community.

We would love to expand our efforts to highlight, grow and support the womxn’s skate scene in the UK and have lots of plans on how we can achieve this, and more… but we need your help!

We believe that by joining forces with our incredibly talented community, we can create a whole bunch of new and engaging content that will inspire others to do the same, creating exposure which will ultimately lead to even MORE skateboarders!
If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you with more information.
Look forward to having you on board!

Please note that these are volunteer positions and so are currently unpaid. We hope as we continue to grow that we will be able to offer paid positibions in the future. Thanks for your support 🙂

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