Leftovers Exhibition by Eloise Dorr


Leftovers is a solo exhibition by Eloise Dörr showcasing a brightly coloured collection of hand painted broken skateboards. Painted on the boards are small silhouette characters relishing in the innocence and amusements of skateboarding, spending a lot of their time falling over. The idea behind the show is simply for the audience to enjoy the art and hopefully feel a relation to the characters in their playful innocence.

IMG_1329 IMG_1333

“I chose the medium of old decks because I love giving objects a new lease of life by making them into illustrative pieces. Whilst also doing it as a collaboration between me and the previous owner of the board. Each one is different and has it’s own story, which is a theme I love in all contexts. I thought having these stories as a collection in one room would make an interesting and lively show.”

IMG_1353 IMG_1363

Keep an eye out for more lovely photos from the exhibition, courtesy of Tracey Grey, coming to you as soon as they are back from the developers! We can’t wait!

See more from Eloise via her website http://www.eloisedorr.com/ and follow her on instagram! @eloweeeese


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