Lois Pendlebury: Planet Notion Shoot

Inspired by 80′s and 90′s skate, Photographer Liz Seabrook and stylist Sara Wilson spent a day with skater Lois Pendlebury. Cruising round the diverse paths of Hackney Wick: from car parks to colourful street corners. While snapping shots, they also had some time to get a quick Q&A in with the gnarly gal. ” IContinue reading “Lois Pendlebury: Planet Notion Shoot”

‘Lovenskate Lil’ Chats to Cooler!

Lovenskate is probably our favourite UK skate brand, Owner Stu Smith is a good friend of ours and always down to support any girls events. They’ve even bagged the UK’s best female skateboarder for their own and Lucy Adams is absolutely stoked to be a part of the family. Lilli Cowley-Wood is a Screenprinter at Lovenskate &Continue reading “‘Lovenskate Lil’ Chats to Cooler!”

Little Ladies #1: Emily Holt, 7yrs

We are starting off our ‘Little Ladies’ Series with a very promising skater called Emily Holt. We first met Emily in 2012 at the Malmesbury Abbey Skate Event in Wiltshire. She was just 4 years old and although very shy, was happily learning how to ride up and down the ramps with little help. TheContinue reading “Little Ladies #1: Emily Holt, 7yrs”

GIRLS ONLY Night hosted by Cooler at the HTC One Skatepark

The babes over at Cooler have managed to secure us ladies exclusive use of the new HTC One Skatepark on Thursday April 3rd between 6-9pm for a skate session at which there will be prizes and free booze! “Full invites are to follow but for now just mark it in your diary/tattoo it to yourContinue reading “GIRLS ONLY Night hosted by Cooler at the HTC One Skatepark”