Its Saturday 5th December 2015 and the long awaited sequel to THE 2009 ‘As If And What? girls skate film by Jenna Selby, ‘DAYS LIKE THESE’ PREMIERES TONIGHT at the House Of Vans in London! Here a few of our favourite sections from the previous film to get you HYPED! Make sure to show your supportContinue reading “GET HYPED FOR TONIGHTS PREMIERE!”


We’ve got some more footage from the Girl Skate UK Birthday Skate Jam at Broom Skatepark from the weekend, this time from James Watt (check out his edit of the broom x ledge jam here) Featuring Lucy Adams, Lois Pendlebury, Stef Nurding, Josie Millard, Rianne Evans, Danni Gallacher, Kirsty Tonner, Wings Chan, Amy Ram, HannahContinue reading “MORE BROOM SKATEPARK BIRTHDAY JAM FOOTAGE!”

Birthday jam highlights from Get Lesta!

We had such a rad day and night with these guys at Broom Skatepark in Leicester, full edit to come soon but for the mean time check out this highlights edit from Get Lesta featuring Lucy Adams, Josie Millard, Zeta Rush, Rianne Evans, Danni Gallacher, Stef Nurding, Anita Arvelo Almonte and more!


It’s that time of month already, the Bay Sixty6 girls night in London starts at 7:30pm on Acklam Road this FRIDAY. £5 entry, safety equipment / boards available and all abilities are welcome! PS: We are loving this months poster of the back smith twins Helena Long and Loos Pendlebury!

Nike Womens Week Free Skate TONIGHT From 6pm!

As part of a long Nike event to get girls into sports, head to Bay Sixty6 Skatepark tonight from 6pm where there will be yoga classes, followed by a free skate session from 7pm – 9pm. Lois Pendlebury, Amy Ram, Sam Bruce and Zeta Rush will be doing some coaching with girls who have subscribed. There willContinue reading “Nike Womens Week Free Skate TONIGHT From 6pm!”