Days Like These – Interview with Jenna Selby

Back in 2009 Jenna Selby released the first ever UK/European All-Female Skateboard film called ‘As If, And What?’ It had come about after her long involvement with the scene, but the realisation that there was still very little coverage or recognition of some incredibly good riders in and around the UK. In October of 2008 she broke her ankle and was made redundant all with in the same week – that set her on the path to putting all of her energy into making the film.

Surprisingly it was only the 3rd ever-female skate film to be released world wide after Gallaz’s AKA: Girl Skater and Villa Villa Cola’s – Getting Nowhere Faster.

On December 5th, and six years on Jenna will release the follow up to As If, And What? – a film titled Days Like These.

Questions by Lucy Adams

What fuelled you to make another all -female film after As If, And What? in 2009?

I originally intended to work on a worldwide project called Scratch The Surface, covering some of the top pros around the world. Unfortunately I was robbed of my laptop and cameras whilst filming out in South America and the project never ended up happening, that was back in 2012. I um’ed and ar’d for a while and couldn’t really find inspiration to work on another project. About 2 years ago all these incredible female riders suddenly sprang up from nowhere and it just seemed like the right time to start work on a new film.


How did you go about choosing the main riders – and can you tell us who they are?

Going to lots of comps and events over the last few years and there were certain people like Josie Millard, Dora Horvath, Savannah Keenan and Camilla Mullins who kept popping up, they all rode incredibly well and were good to watch – each with a totally different style and bag of tricks. A few of the other riders sent me clips of their riding and we went from there.

We’ve also got some of the seasoned pros back from the last film, the likes of Lucy Adams, Georgie Winter and Helena Long.

Julia Brueckler who I’ve been photographing on and off for the last few years asked if she could also get involved as besides her, there are only a handful of women who skate in her home country of Austria, so she wouldn’t have the chance to ever be involved in anything like this otherwise.

How long have you been filming for this project? Have you had any help?

I’ve been working on this project for about a year and a half now, it has pretty much been self-funded.

Lots of people have chipped in with skills though, Hannah Bailey of Neon Stash with the PR side of things, Eloise Dorr is currently creating some fabulous titles and Georgie Winter is my right hand man with the editing. Some of the riders have also got involved with the filming.


Tell us a couple of stories from filming missions with the girls?

It’s actually been pretty straightforward this time around. I guess the worst things we have had happen was a broken coccyx out in Ireland and Camilla Mullins breaking her hip on our last filming mission just before she was supposed to be leaving for New Zealand. Both very freak accidents and both happened on boardslides – it makes you a bit nervous after that when anyone else does one! The one in Ireland happened in a school and to get in we had had to climb a 4-5m with that crappy tiny anti climb wire type – gate (it was big!) so you can imagine trying to get out again with a broken person and lots of equipment was not a barrel of laughs!

No spoilers, but who should we be really excited to see?

Let’s just say Julia is off the charts and hopefully there will be a surprise from Ireland! Being a skate video obviously nothing is straightforward – she’s the dark horse of this film and all has been dependent on her coccyx recovery! Keep an eye out for Josie Millard too, one of the best riders to come out of the UK.

When’s it coming out / how’s it coming out?

The film will be premiered at the House of Vans on Saturday 5th December. There will be 2 showings, the first at 7.30 and the 2nd at 8.30. Although it will be free to watch, it will be a ticketed event and there will be 160 available for each showing.

About a week afterwards (in time for Christmas!) it will be available to buy on DVD from There should also be an accompanying photo book from our travels.

Jenna & Josie

What’s next after this?

Enjoying Christmas and a bit of sleep 😉

I would like to see if there is a possibility of making Scratch the Surface


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