Little Ladies #1: Emily Holt, 7yrs

Emily Bio Photo2
Emily upcycled some gardening gloves to make her very own sliders! We love DIY!

We are starting off our ‘Little Ladies’ Series with a very promising skater called Emily Holt. We first met Emily in 2012 at the Malmesbury Abbey Skate Event in Wiltshire.
She was just 4 years old and although very shy, was happily learning how to ride up and down the ramps with little help. The next year, having grown in confidence more than height, she was eager to try new things, even competing in the girls under 12s competition!Emily holt kickturnSeeing loads of potential we gave Emily some copies of Cooler & Sidewalk magazines and a bunch of stickers for her board to encourage her to keep at it.


This February just gone, at the 2014 event, we were stoked to see how Emily had progressed! Miss Holt went on to place 1st in the girls under 12s and also win title of Best Girl! Not bad for a (then) 6yr old!

Emily holt drop in

We have been keeping in touch with Emily and love watching the footage of her shredding around her new local indoor concrete park, and longboarding around the streets where she lives! Emily has even been encouraging more girls to come to the park with her, starting up her very own Malmesbury girls crew!`
Go Emily!

Emily crewWant to know more about Emily and why she loves skateboarding? Read on!

Name: Emily Holt
Date of Birth: 12 March 2007
Location: Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Stance: Regular
Set up: Mini-logo (29″) deck, Venture trucks, Bones 100 wheels, Bones hardcore bushings (blue) & Bones Reds bearings.
Years / months riding: 4 1/2 years
Favourite Trick: Rock to fakie
Favourite UK Girl Skater: Danni Gallacher
Favourite Skatepark: Malmesbury Skatepark
What you love about skating: Having fun and skating with other girls!
Other hobbies: Ice skating, in-line skating, skiing and dancing.
What was the last song you listened to? Story of my Life by One Direction.

Let us know what you think about our Little Ladies Series, and if you know any under 12 rippers then be sure to get in touch at !!

Check back next week for our second Little Lady bio!


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