FACETS: Ep 03 – Lacey Baker

  FACETS Showcase the lives of women who have carved unique life paths for themselves. In this third episode, Facets introduce ‘LACEY BAKER // Badass Skateboarder | Industry Disrupter” Lacey gets real and honestly talks about the pressures she faced from the skate industry as a young teen, and why she’s a whole lot happierContinue reading ” FACETS: Ep 03 – Lacey Baker”

Sort it out, Marie Claire

“Now you’re looking the skate part, it’s time to get on board. Not literally. Do not, we repeat, do not, attempt to mount a skateboard unless you are a professional. We tried it once, and it did not end well. If you feel like really blending in then, sure, bring along a deck, but it’sContinue reading “Sort it out, Marie Claire”