Sort it out, Marie Claire

“Now you’re looking the skate part, it’s time to get on board. Not literally. Do not, we repeat, do not, attempt to mount a skateboard unless you are a professional. We tried it once, and it did not end well. If you feel like really blending in then, sure, bring along a deck, but it’s an accessory NOT a mode of transport. Besides that, you’re good to go.”


You might have seen the link we shared over on our facebook page yesterday afternoon from Marie Claire regarding the opening party of the new HTC One park, “So, this is where all the hot single men have been hiding?

Whilst we get that this is obviously supposed to be lighthearted and satirical, we still can’t help but feel a couple of Nellie Eden’s comments were slightly irresponsible, and if even one girl heeds the advice to “never mount a skateboard” then that is one too many skaters lost.

Other females from the skate community (not just skateboarding) have been up in arms about this however, leading to a comments such as…

“It reads straight out of an early 80’s Jackie mag. Your readers deserve better!”


“I honestly cannot believe the audacity of your recent post on skateboarding. Telling females to stand around as an accessory is disgusting. Maybe you could encourage woman to be more than just an object and not drag us back to the 19th century.”


“We are meant to be empowering young women and encouraging them to find outlets which aren’t solely based on appearance. This article is sexist as it is naive, narrow minded and judgemental.”


“This defines all of the attention seeking girls that hang around skateparks. You’re a retard, if you go to skate park for dating you have some social skill problems.”

We couldn’t print some of the other ‘less kind’ comments that we’ve seen as some of our readers are very young, but we can safely say that this article has not gone down well and we have a feeling it will be simply brushed off as an April Fool – lets hope it is!

The whole article in itself is pretty laughable – from the £95 t-shirt to the awful sleeveless leather jacket. If Marie Claire wanted some insight on ‘skate fashion’ they should have looked up Model & Fashion student Stef Nurding, who also happens to be rad on a skateboard! For one of the best selling fashion magazines, we expected better.

Read the original article here

Let us know what you guys think!?