LACEY BAKER ON THE GENDER GAP WITHIN SKATEBOARDING The skate industry isnā€™t equal, according to professional skater Lacey Baker. She is critical of the industry for the discrepancy between what male skaters earn versus female skaters, and she says the only way to break the glass ceiling is for women in the industry to carve out their own space.

Ā FACETS: Ep 03 – Lacey Baker

  FACETS Showcase the lives of women who have carved unique life paths for themselves. In this third episode, Facets introduce ‘LACEY BAKER // Badass Skateboarder | Industry Disrupter” Lacey gets real and honestly talks about the pressures she faced from the skate industry as a young teen, and why she’s a whole lot happierContinue reading ”Ā FACETS: Ep 03 – Lacey Baker”

Lacey Baker Meow Skateboards part 2014

Meow Skateboards dropped this video a few days ago to coincide with the release of Laceys first pro board. Be prepared for some tech madness in lines upon lines upon lines of skating! We know shes no UK skater, but watch this a couple of times, and theres no doubt you’ll immediately want to getContinue reading “Lacey Baker Meow Skateboards part 2014”

St Patrick’s day fashion

First up, we would like to wish you lovely ladies a very MERRY St Paddy’s Day! We’ve compiled our perfect St Paddy’s day outfit, to make your friends green with envy (ha, sorry!) Check out what we’ve come up with below Meow Skateboards Evergreen Raglan AĀ modern twist on a classic baseball tee, small pocket printContinue reading “St Patrick’s day fashion”