Give Her Five! Skateistan Fundraiser at HOV

WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! THIS Friday the 9th of December, Skateistan will be taking over the screening room at the House of Vans London to show some incredibly awesome stuff!  In honour of their new fundraising campaign, Give Her Five, they will do an exclusive screening of their latest animation “Her Story‘”.  ThisContinue reading “Give Her Five! Skateistan Fundraiser at HOV”


TRANSWORLD interview Meow Skateboards pro rider Lacey Baker on what it was like growing up as a female in a male dominated sport, quitting her day job and the struggle to live off of her contest winnings, most recently Street League 2016. Read the full interview here… “…the difference between men and women—men are justContinue reading “TRANSWORLD LACEY BAKER INTERVIEW”


Quit Your Day Job is the first all-female skate film in the US in over a decade starring Vanessa Torres @loccnessy, Samaria Brevard @samarriabrevard, Mariah Duran @mariahdurandoe, Lacey Baker @leeroythegreat, Candy Jacobs @candy_jacobs, Annie Guglia @nnieguglia,  Savannah Headden @savheadden and loads more! The film isjust about finished but the filmmakers @erikmichaelsandoval and @moniquethebeat need our help to get  it finished! You can checkContinue reading “‘QUIT YOUR DAY JOB’ TRAILER ONLINE NOW!”