Our Top Stories from 2014

It’s January 2015 tomorrow. Where did this year go? Summer feels like a distant memory but in a few months times it will be starting to get lighter later, and maybe even a little bit warmer.

We took a look at some of the most read stories from 2014 and have given you a little recap below…


No.1: Sort It Out, Marie Clare

At the top of our viewing rankings is this somewhat controversial Marie Clare post after an article entitled “So This is Where All The Hot Men Have Been Hiding?” regarding the opening party of the temporary HTC skatepark by Selfridges in London. Blogger Nellie Eden wrote:

“Now you’re looking the skate part, it’s time to get on board. Not literally. Do not, we repeat, do not, attempt to mount a skateboard unless you are a professional. We tried it once, and it did not end well. If you feel like really blending in then, sure, bring along a deck, but it’s an accessory NOT a mode of transport. Besides that, you’re good to go.”

Thankfully Marie Clare saw sense and the rubbish was removed from their website shortly after posting our article to their Facebook page, which sparked a huge backlash from both genders of the skate community. All subsequent posts and comments were deleted.

Skateboarders – 1, Marie Clare – 0

No.2: Beautiful Photos of Skater Girls from the 1970’s


These beautiful photos of girls skateboarding in the 1970’s were second on the stats list.
Skaters included Laura Thornhill, Kim Cespedes, Ellen O Neal, Patti Mcgee & Vicky Vickers.

Click here to see the full gallery!

No.3: 6 yr Old Sky 

One of our followers shared a Facebook video of little Sky a few months ago, and we were so impressed with her solid style and bag of tricks that we HAD to feature her on the site. In the following weeks we interviewed Sky and have been keeping a keen eye on her progress. Along with 8yr old Minna Stess and 9 yr Old Sabre Norris, she is definitely one to watch!

No.4: So this is where all the hot women have been hiding?

Jenna Selbys write up of the HTC Girls Session also made it in to the Top 5, the jam saw loads of ladies turn up, including the likes of Maria Falbo, Sam Bruce, Danni Gallacher, Georgie Winter, Helena Long, Becky Jaques, Stef Nurding, Savannah Keenan, Zoe Kings and Camilla Mullins, amongst even more newer faces!

The park was based on iconic London Skate Spots, both past and present. Shame it was just a temporary promotional stunt as it was actually quite a fun park!

Click here to read the full article

No. 5: Push The Prom!

We are stoked our first proper event, Push The Prom in Brighton made it in to the most read stories, it was literally the best day of the year for us and it couldn’t have gone any better. The sun was absolutely beaming down and we had an army of over 100 skaters turn up throughout the day.

Take a look at the photo gallery and write up, we can’t wait for next year!


SEE YOU IN 2015!! X


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