So This Is Where All The Hot Women Are Hiding…



Breaking news boys, from your not-so-single woman on the ground – a large number of females congregated in Central London last Thursday night…and they were all in one place!


Obviously after reading the very informative Marie Claire article a pack of hungry, looking-the-part females descended upon the temporary Selfridges HTC One Park in search of hot single men. Clearly not reading the fine print they were left sorely disappointed after finding out it was a designated women’s evening.
You can only imagine the uproar that ensued – what was the point of wearing ones cap backwards and carrying a skateboard ‘blend in’ accessory if you weren’t going to get a boyfriend out of it?

Given the option of carrying their boards around all evening looking the part or actually giving it a go – everyone opted for the latter…all 47 of them!! And what a night it was.

The old faces, the likes of Maria Falbo, Sam Bruce, Danni Gallacher, Georgie Winter, Helena Long, Becky Jaques and Stef Nurding were throwing down tricks all over the place in the Selfridges shop floor section (obstacles based on shopping bags, magazines and sunglasses etc.) including wall rides, flips over the hip and 50-50 shuv outs on the ledge alongside various transition tricks.

Camilla-MullinsThe relatively newer names on the scene, the likes of Savannah Keenan, Brumster Zoe Kings and Camilla Mullins all decided to start with ollying the Moorgate steps.

Camilla, was really the one owning the park throughout the evening though. Her bag of tricks included back and front boards down the rail time after time for each filmer asking it of her, frontside 5-0’s-180 out and tailslides on the ledge to name but a few – this lady really is pushing it forward for UK women (she will argue she is part Italian but we’re claiming her for our own).

There was also a group of newcomers to the scene who were having a bash at the Southbank ‘bank to wall’ based obstacle and cheering each other on every time someone landed something or learned to ride up it – everyone was just so stoked for each other which gave such an amazing atmosphere to the evening.

hannahhctThe prize for the youngest ripper of the night went to 7 year old Hannah who carved all over the place doing Bertslides on the big ramps.
Not content with organizing just the one event for women at the temporary park, Cooler has set aside another date for the ladies just before it is to be dismantled so get this date in your diaries:

Tuesday 15th April between 6-9pm – any Marie Claire subscribers reading this remember a skateboard is a mode of pure fun, not an accessory

Instead of hanging around looking the part come join in, you might get sweaty but you’ll get to meet some awesome people and at the end of the day that’s what its all about!!


Words by Jenna Selby of Rogue Skateboards

Watch Coolers VIDEO edit of the night here…


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