Annual Pioneer Skate Jam!

So roll on the 13th annual Girl Skate Jam UK! Pioneer Skatepark will again be hosting the comp, which will be held on Saturday 28th June between 12-5pm. This park will be organising the BBQ this year, so make sure to bring your pennies along for it. Neon Stash will again be organising their brilliantContinue reading “Annual Pioneer Skate Jam!”

The Best Female Skate Parts Of All Time!

You might have caught wind of Cooler mags article last month on the best female skate parts of all time, if you missed it… here’s a recap! 1) Lacey Baker’s Bombshell 2) Elissa Steamer: Paradise 3) Marisa dal Santo: Zero Strange World 4) Mimi Knoop: X Games Real Women 5) Elissa Steamer: Welcome To HellContinue reading “The Best Female Skate Parts Of All Time!”

Save Southbank!

The Long Live Southbank Campaign is dedicated to protecting the Undercroft in its current form. Southbank holds cultural and historical status which is irreplaceable, and its unique architecture and vitality of the thriving community should be present for future generations. Jenna Selby chats with Cooler Mag about why the Southbank is such an important partContinue reading “Save Southbank!”