Street League Womens world championships tomorrow! 

Street League Skateboarding is welcoming eight women into a Women’s Division tomorrow in the 2015 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship. Alexis Sablone, Leticia Bufoni, Vanessa Torres, Lacy Baker, Alana Smith, Pamela Rosa, Samaria Brevard and Marisa Dal Santo will be competing for a $30,000 prize pot and the first ever Women’s World ChampionContinue reading “Street League Womens world championships tomorrow! “

The Best Female Skate Parts Of All Time!

You might have caught wind of Cooler mags article last month on the best female skate parts of all time, if you missed it… here’s a recap! 1) Lacey Baker’s Bombshell 2) Elissa Steamer: Paradise 3) Marisa dal Santo: Zero Strange World 4) Mimi Knoop: X Games Real Women 5) Elissa Steamer: Welcome To HellContinue reading “The Best Female Skate Parts Of All Time!”