Save Southbank!

The Long Live Southbank Campaign is dedicated to protecting the Undercroft in its current form. Southbank holds cultural and historical status which is irreplaceable, and its unique architecture and vitality of the thriving community should be present for future generations.

Jenna Selby chats with Cooler Mag about why the Southbank is such an important part of the UK skate scene…

southbank2girlsThough female skater numbers are rising, there are still far more guys who skate. At the end of the day it’s not a “pretty” sport but those who aredrawn to it are some of the most dedicated you find. Although female riders are dotted around the UK, a more concentrated number are found in London, and all of them have skated Southbank at some time during their skate life. 

southbankThere is always a friendly vibe down there, the skaters themselves form an integral part ofthe tourist attraction that is the Southbank. The enjoyment that passers-by seem to get out of watching the skateboarders also suggests that losing it would take away some of the area’s charm. Southbank is incredibly special to so many people. It is a place where anyone can be themselves, to share time with friends, to be alone, to experience culture outside of your own norm, and all of it is for free.”

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Photography: Jenna Selby & Sam Ashley


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