Josie is absolutely smashing it right now, and one of our absolute favourite ladies to watch shred. Check her out in the latest edit Jheez, filmed by Zane Crowther and get hyped for her section in Days Like These, Jenna Selbys secondĀ all female skate film due for release December 5th!

Josie Millard for Altar Skate Shop!

Josie Millard is a 16 year old shredder from Brighton, skating for only 4 years she has already been hooked up by clothing company Brahboys and more recently, Altar Skate Shop; a rad little skater owned shop based in Dartford, Kent. We caught up with Josie to see what she’s been upto… Hey Josie! whatContinue reading “Josie Millard for Altar Skate Shop!”