Girl Skate UK x Signature Brew x IWD; 8th Birthday Party in London!

After sadly having to give last years birthday celebrations a miss, we are BACK for another party – this time it’s in London and we are turning 8! Girl Skate UK launched in 2014, back when there were no other online female skate communities in the country. We are SO humbled by how big ourContinue reading “Girl Skate UK x Signature Brew x IWD; 8th Birthday Party in London!”


In celebration of international women’s day this year, we have teamed up with parks across the country to bring you a series of IWD events across the U.K, in conjunction with our newly formed Facebook groups! Take a look at some of the things going on today, (and the rest of the week!) to seeContinue reading “GIRL SKATE UK X INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY”

I am Woman. I am Skateboarder

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). As well as a grin on my face and aching muscles from Friday’s Girls Night at BaySixty6 (which was totally amazeballs, you should come next time) there’s much on my mind. It’s a day to celebrate the achievements not only of women in sport and skateboarding, but women everywhereContinue reading “I am Woman. I am Skateboarder”