Push The Prom + Go Skateboarding Day

GSD15 Crowd

It’s true that every day is potentially a skate day (­#skateeverydamnday, anyone?) but the official Go Skateboarding Day only comes around once a year on June 21st. The longest day of the year goes hand in hand with sunshine, the sea and skateboarding. We, and skaters from all over the country made the most of it at our Push The Prom event held in Brighton for the second year running.


GSD15 crowdshot

One of the best things about Push The Prom is seeing the many new and familiar faces, all of them smiling and enjoying a day of skateboarding. We were lucky from the start, since earlier in the week it had rained a lot, but on Go Skateboarding day the sun shone as much as the smiles of all the girls and guys. Danni did an amazing job with getting everything together for the day, including bringing together a team of happy awesome skaters like our gal Lucy Adams as well as the rest of the helpers made up of dedicated skaters. Josie Millard was about, as were Kirsty Tonner, Rianne Evans, Wings Chan, myself and 7 year old Emily!

GSD15 nosegrab

The team was on hand on Sunday morning to set up at The Level Skatepark and were welcomed by a blue sky that would be the order of the day. From organising it last year, we knew by now that just because there’s only a few girls at the start, it doesn’t mean it won’t be packed later. And packed it was. One of the best things about having a Girl Skate UK event on Go Skateboarding Day is that guys and girls skate together. The Level is a popular skate spot in Brighton already, so it was fun to have a mix of new and seasoned girl skaters alongside young and old guy skaters. It doesn’t matter who you are – you’re welcome to skate here, and it really had that feel, even if it was a little busy!

GSD15 pink

More experienced skaters could find a nice line in the busyness, whereas beginner girl skaters were able to take advantage of the skate lessons being run by pro skater Lucy Adams, Danni Gallagher and Wings Chan. We were yet again reminded that skateboarding is for everyone – we had a whole family of mum and kids taking part in a skate lesson too! Her t-shirt said ‘skate mum’, and she did an awesome job of leading by example to her 6 kids who were there with her and having a go! So good to see – it’s what this whole day is really about!

GSD15 Lucy

Before leaving The Level of course we had the mini ramp competition, led at first by Lucy on the mic. Loads of prizes were up for grabs – this year we had complete Penny boards, Element t-shirts and backpacks, WESC caps and skate key rings for the girls to win, including for those trying something new or for the first time.

GSD15 rock

Rianne landed a silky tailslide from a run up into the miniramp. Danni was on top form. Noriko Iwaki showed off her graceful solid style and Ayumi Powell was nailing every trick in her bag. Lucy couldn’t take not having a go any longer, and swapped her mic for her board while Rianne took over for a bit and did a great job and rallying the crowd.

GSD15 Wings tailGSD15 Danni stallGSD15 Rianne tailslide

Some of the new faces of the day won a bit of swag too, a Penny board was won by someone braving their first drop in! It’s always worth going for it and getting involved.

GSD15 drop

Lucy led the charge on our 3 mile skate along the promenade. It was quite hectic as the traffic was stopped and it was really busy along the prom since it was also the London to Brighton bike ride! We managed to catch it pretty much at the end, so we were able to share the smooth bike lane with a few cyclists. It was quite breezy and the wind was against us, but it was still a fun, awesome push along the prom.

GSD15 enroute

We arrived at Hove Lagoon after about an hour. Some of us grabbed a bite to eat, while others had a roll around to get a feel for this awesome concrete park. Lots of wide open space was to be found for practising a little flatland, as well as a flat bank with a tasty hip, a glorious miniramp, a couple of rails, a manny pad and a steep bank. A well thought-out park like this makes it easy to spot some good lines, and this proved true as part of the progression competitions. Prizes were given out for a run down the bank, to the transition and back to the hip. The hip proved very difficult – the comp ended with most of the girls managing eventually to land their flip tricks over the hip though!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 01.52.46

It really was a great day of girls supporting and encouraging each other to really go for it. I taught my friend’s partner to skate – she’d never done it before and she was a natural! She’s said she’s keen to get going to one of Lucy’s Brighton She Shredders sessions. I feel proud to have shared in the fun, laughter and good times. It really was a Go Skateboarding Day that ticked all the boxes.

Anna Burn photo
photo (c) Anna Burn

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Natasher Beecher aka brazen cheek is an advertising copywriter. She describes herself as a spiritual skateboarder. The ex-model and ex-radio presenter lives and skates in Oxford and works and skates in London, and is a pharmaceutical scientist turned creative.

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