Another BANGING Unicorn jam went down at Mile End last weekend, with all of the usual faces and some nice new ones! It’s always rad seeing new girls come down to these events, it gives us the feeling that we are doing our job properly!

Go make yourself a cuppa, then sit down to watch the edit before reading what some of the girls had to say about Sunday… Don’t forget to peep the the results!


“After a boozy night in Brixton and a very late 5am bedtime, the sunny 5 minute push to Mile End from the tube station quickly eradicated any remaining hangover (or looming for that matter) and got the legs stretched.
I arrived at around 1.30pm, with things well underway; the tunes were booming, the MC was on the build-up and of course there was many familiar and unfamiliar faces already tearing the park a new one.

After a few high-fives and hugs, the registration got underway, with a great turn out for both the beginners and advanced competitions. The Beginners kicked off with some great skating; a back from injury Charlotte Thatcher, to a pink tutu’d Kellese, to the one and only Ayumi Powell competing on a Cruiser(!!), just to name a few, hitting all every obstacle on the park. Soon after a burger break, it was the turn of the Advanced category, with all the usual UK girls entered and competing to a high standard.

Lucy Adams killed most of the park (like she does everywhere) deservedly for first place; and following close behind was Camilla steaming through the front tails on the hip block, and rounding off in 3rd was Josie Millard with them mad hip manoeuvres, and not forgetting those Beanplants!! Every one of the girls (WAY too many to mention) skated amazingly and the standard was by far the best I have personally seen at a jam or competition so far this year.

Big up to Unicorn, Parlour and everyone involved, and not forgetting the local lads absolutely charging the park to get everyone hyped. Fantastic day, bring on 2016!!!!” – KIRSTY TONNER

Lucy Adams

“The girls did a great job organising the third unicorn jam at Mile End! It’s already a good vibe park but it just manages to make you feel happy skating around and totally rad to be doing amongst other female skaters. 

The standard was definitely up on last year, with everyone showing the progress they’d made. Noticeable were Carla, Rianne, Zoe – all had a variety of new manoeuvres which wowed the crowd! Definitely the highlight of the summer for me!” – LUCY ADAMS

Charlotte Thatcher


“The Unicorn Jam is one of the main events of the year that all the girl skaters look forward to. It gives girls the chance to show their ability to skate whether they are new to the sport or have been doing it for years! Every year this even its held in one of our iconic London skate parks-mile end, the park is brilliant for all capabilities and variations for the competition! You can see the sport growing every year this is held which is brilliant and a lot of fun for the skaters and everyone who watches! 

The weather was perfect for the event and girls were hyped working on their lines and shaking off the nerves, everyone was so friendly and excited which gave everyone skating motivation to try new things and making new friends! Sick day…. Very much looking forward to next year!”CHARLOTTE THATCHER

Zeta Rush


“I don’t normally go to those type of events but it was really cool seeing all the usual faces and some of the beginners getting hyped. Nice day drinking ciders in the sun, good vibes all round.” – ZETA RUSH

Ayumi Powell


“The unicorn jam is one of my favourite events! A lots of skater girls from everywhere come to join in. I can meet new friends and also see my friends who hardly see each other. It is like an annual girls meeting party. I appreciate the organisers Zofia and Gabi who’ve made it happen three years in row. Big respect and love from me!” – AYUMI POWELL


1 – Lucy Adams
2 – Camilla Mullins
3 – Josie Millard
4 – Rianne Evans
5 – Carla Lazaro

1 – Charlotte Thatcher
2 – Ayumi Powell
3 – Deimante Sprainaityte
4 – Kayleigh Hurst
5 – Kellessee Thomas

Best Trick – Carla Lazaro
Skater of the Day – Carla Lazaro


Photos by Rafal Wonjnowski


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