Regular Girls Skate Nights in Manchester!

After the success of the previous girls only night at Projekts skatepark in Manchester, they have decided to make this a monthly event! Rad!

The girls only nights will be on the LAST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH and at the moment, are absolutely free! Safety equipment is also available to use free of charge!


We caught up with Zoe Tyler, a park local and organiser of these sessions…

“At first I thought the night was going to be a bust, it came to around 7pm and only one girl had shown up, then floods of girls came and there ended up being around 11 girls in total, which i was stoked on, considering there was such short notice and no advertisement of the event. And it chucked it down, but us girls hacked this yuck British weather.


Rachelle managed to land her first rock ‘n’ roll after telling me she couldnt do it, but she committed to it, and killed it.

Alabama Griffiths had her first ever skate lesson, she had never stepped foot on a board before the session, but by the end was dropping in off different ledges!


Little 7 year old ripper Mia absolutely smashed the mini ramp. There was no holding her back, nothing was too big for her to drop in. Shes one to keep an eye on in the future I’m seeing great things for her. She had those rock fakies on lock down.

But in all honestly, all the girls smashed it and each and every one of them conquered their fears and continuously gave effort for the whole night.
The girl skate scene is growing faster than I could ever imagine, when I was 18 I knew only two other girl skaters, now I cant keep count of all these new emerging girls who just KILL IT. ‘Nuff said, keep shredding girls!”


Just incase you were thinking of attending one of these girls only events for the first time, we had a little Q&A with Zoe to give you an idea of what you can expect to get up to!

What is the range of ability at these sessions?
We had girls there who had never stepped on a board in their life, girls who had had a 15 year skate gaps. ‘converted’ rollerbladers *fingers crossed*. It was great to see such a mixture of ability coming together as one helping one another and pushing each other to step it up.

How is the coaching? Laid back, Formal?
I’d say we take a laid back approach to coaching we don’t want it to be like a classroom experience, however we are always on hand to give hints and tips and just give those little pushes when needed. I was lucky to have Sheffield coach Danni Gallacher on hand to help with the load (Thankyou!) but generally all the girls bounced off each other and I found that some of the less experienced girls were even giving me tips in the end, rad!

What kind of atmosphere is there?
I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter bunch of skaters to come to the first girls session! There was a wide range of ages but everyone had a good natter and skate. Everyone gelled and helped each other out like the skate community should be.

What do you like about these girls only sessions?
I loved the night, its a rarity that I get to skate with girls so i felt blessed that everyone showed there faces… Lets face it all we see is boys tearing it up and owning everywhere which is cool but you just cant beat a good old cruise with the girls.
Girls get me so much more hyped on challenging myself and generally getting on it.


If you need any more info on these girls only sessions, just contact 0161 276 0951


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